Donate As You Shop!

As well as offering the standard one-off donations or donation via direct debit, Give As You Live also offer a way in which you can donate without spending a penny! When you shop through the Give As You Live portal you will not notice anything out of the ordinary but, for every completed transaction, approximately 2.5% of the total value will go to Global MapAid. All the prices are the same, you will still have access to the same special offers and there are over 4,200 stores signed up including Dominoes, Waitrose, Apple, Nike, Sky TV etc.

Waitrose- Normal Site

Waitrose- Give As You Live Portal

I want to be a part of this, what do I do?


Sign Up!

It is free to sign up and will take you approximately 90 seconds. When you sign up please delegate Global MapAid as your chosen charity.



Do as much of your online shopping through the Give As You Live portal as possible. You will not typically see anything different on the store’s website, but as long as you have visited them via the portal, they will know you are a Give as you Live Online shopper.


Every time you are looking to buy online please remember to check if the store is on the Give As You Live portal. We understand that you will forget at times and this is completely normal. However, if you can remember to do just 50% of your online shopping this portal we will be able to do incredible things to support the development of sustainable growth in Nepal and Ethiopia.



That is it! Once you check out, Give As You Live will send you an email to tell you how much money you have raised for Global MapAid. All we would ask you to do is share your experience with as many people as possible so that we can change the world one borehole at a time!