We make maps that help direct aid

Our Mission

We have a passion and vision to inspire and support long-term sustainable development by mapping the gaps in self-empowering opportunities for people at the ground level, so that international donors, development NGOs and government agencies can clearly see where they need to put their energies.


Since Global MapAid began in 2003, sustainable development has been the central theme of our projects; we tackle youth unemployment to irrigation so we certainly don’t lack scope or ambition. Click here to find out more about our story so far.


The introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 has provided a framework in which to organise our projects and our resources, and our volunteers work hard to create innovative solutions to a broad range of problems, with mapping at the core.

Our Causes

Panorama, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia


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COVID-19 Virus


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Youth Unemployment

Youth Unemployment

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About Us

Global MapAid or simply “MapAid” is a social enterprise working with local people, to help them identify & map local solutions (hotspots) for their development, to help prevent disasters. The maps benefit policy makers, donors, non-government organisations and corporate social responsibility organisations, by focusing efforts where most needed. Additionally, some of our maps are designed for use by vulnerable people.


We were founded at Stanford University in 2003, and have registered in the USA and the UK with 40 unpaid volunteers across the world. Our Patron is Desmond Tutu.



Want to become a volunteer?

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Recently our UK team has mapped Covid-19 response including many of the good causes supporting the NHS and vulnerable people. Since the pandemic has disrupted the economy, we are now mapping youth unemployment and some solutions.

“The maps would certainly be an important incentive for donors knowing precisely where the needs are and where to direct their assistance. I like the idea that you try and use locally based teams whenever possible. For what it is worth, you could count me in as an enthusiastic Patron and supporter of this splendid tool and the Global MapAid team that are making it happen.”

Desmond Tutu

Global MapAid Patron

Act local. Think global.