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We make maps that help charities direct aid. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we're building maps to track cases and spur hope by highlighting local heroes and initiatives.

From our Patron The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu “The maps would certainly be an important incentive for donors knowing precisely where the needs are and where to direct their assistance. I like the idea that you try and use locally based teams whenever possible. For what it is worth, you could count me in as an enthusiastic Patron and supporter of this splendid tool and the Global MapAid team that are making it happen.”

Traditionally we have focused on helping developing countries mostly in Africa. However, during this on-going Covid-19 pandemic we have pivoted and responded to the needs in the UK, bringing with us ideas and skills we have collected in the developing world. We are now creating dynamic maps for the UK showing where the latest cases are happening and crucially, where many good causes are fighting COVID-19 and protecting vulnerable people.


MapAid reveals where there are gaps in the provision of help; where people who need help can find it; where people who want to, can donate to the COVID-19 response.


We work with charities, businesses, government departments and local communities, and most importantly, you, the community.

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Our Mission

We have a passion and vision to inspire and support long-term sustainable development by mapping the gaps in self-empowering opportunities for people at the ground level, so that international donors, development NGOs and government agencies can clearly see where they need to put their energies.

One great example is making maps that show where gainful employment can be encouraged, so that local people are enabled to sustain their families. So we could map poverty hotspots and unemployment, as well as vital livelihood capabilities including access to education and microcredit and water for small farms.


Maps locating nearest water sources


Properly irrigated farms will reduce the level of starvation


Providing more jobs in the local economies


Support MapAid with our Ethiopia incentive, where we aim to help reduce poverty by helping locals access resources sustainably, and direct aid where it is needed.

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Help MapAid support and boost Nepal's local economy by creating maps to show how and where local industry and business is located and where resources are limited.

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COVID-19 Response

We've created one central map that shows coronavirus cases, local hospitals and schools' responses, local charities and inspiring news stories from all over the world. See where you can help!

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