Our UK maps

Maps are known to make complex information easier to digest, and help make the situations of both minorities and majorities better known.


Putting the facts on maps promotes quicker and easier team collaboration, and therefore can help build better leadership actions, and team relationships, based on something near to reality.


At MapAid, our past and present goal is to inspire hope, built on reality.


With your support, our maps developed in the UK and across the world, could go on to make a real difference to small African farmers and ultimately, to the benefit all humanity.


It’s a big idea, but we believe it’s possible.

The UK Youth Unemployment Maps

Apprenticeship Map

The UK Unemployment Maps shows youth unemployment across the UK and matches them up to some incredible local vocational training sites which are supporting them. 

Our maps are primarily designed to help young people find vocational education and training near them; making way for careers in areas that require workers with their specific skills and boosting the UK economy. This will have a direct, positive impact on both the expected post-COVID downturn and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The Great Big UK Hope Map

Schools Map

The Big UK Hope Map shows all the hospitals across the UK and matches them up to some incredible local charities which are supporting them. These supporting organisations and people, large and small, have been providing an armada of support 24/7 for the hospitals and it’s workers, including things such as meals, scrubs and PPE.


This map allows you to see what local charities are supporting hospitals near you and allows you to donate directly to that charity! Supporting them in their ongoing efforts to keep our NHS working at full capacity in the fight against COVID-19. At some point in your life, if you are from the UK, the NHS will have undoubtedly been there for you, now we need to be there for our NHS!

COVID-19 Cases Map

UK Covid Cases

In this map we have documented the number of cases and deaths as a result of COVID-19 in the UK on a hospital by hospital basis. Here you can see how many cases, and deaths, there were both today and yesterday in your local hospitals, allowing you to see the impact and spread of Coronavirus in your local community.


This map is the first of it’s kind in the UK as it accumulates the most up to date data from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and is updated in real time as the data is released.

COVID-19 Global Hotspots Map

Main COVID map

In this map we are documenting on a weekly basis the number of Global cases and deaths as a result of COVID-19. Here you can see how many cases, and deaths, there were last week and clearly see which countries are impacted the most right now. Every week this map will be updated to show the latest hotspots.  Please keep visiting to keep an eye on what’s going on around the world.

Big UK Supporters Map of Hope

The map you see here is not meant to be a scientific map, it is simply a map about passion and creativity, displayed against the backdrop of Covid-19. This map attempts to document people all over the UK who are donating their hard-earned money to help fight COVID-19


At some point in our life we have all needed our NHS and now the NHS needs us. If you have donated we want to celebrate you! We want to hear about it, add you to our map and try to encourage others to do the same.