Respect for Privacy

Data Privacy

• Global Map Aid respects the data privacy of everyone who subscribes to our surveys, our site, our organisation, our values.

• Our values may be summed up as respect for others, together with goodwill.

• This means whenever we specifically ask if you want to opt-in your email and, or, your name & email, we do not share these details with anyone outside the organisation.

• But we are keen to share the organisational and project data, that you give us, for the public maps, to promote your causes, to the wider public. If you decide to put your name, and, or your email & name, in the project data, please be aware it will be shown on the maps.

• If you want us to tell you what data we have, or remove any, it’s easy, just email and ask.

• And we want to inform our subscribers rather than swamp them. So if you opt in to receive email updates, please look at our emails and opt for weekly or monthly. During the current Covid-19 crisis and launch of our Hope Map series, we will commence with one email per week. But some people may prefer once a month, others weekly and we will stick to your choice which may evolve.

• We use cookies to improve the performance of our website, by visiting our website you are agreeing to cookies being used. We will not share this data with anyone outside of the organisation and is purely so we can improve your user experience.

Data Validity & Disclaimer

We map data on the site, in good faith and are willing to remove it rapidly whenever necessary. This disclaimer is important, as data that is inaccurate is worse than no data at all, as it will inevitably lead viewers to make the wrong assumptions that play out in poor decision making. Common sense dictates that Global MapAid cannot be made responsible for the good quality of each and every single piece of data given to us by very many good causes, as this is impractical. Further, it is the legal responsibility of the good causes to provide a service or product to the appropriate legal standards and moreover to report this as being their position. Finally, it is the responsibility of the map viewer to check directly with any good cause, to their satisfaction with the data offered.


While a large number of examples could be mentioned, here are some:


– PPE. If a school makes Personal Private Protection, of course, it is their responsibility to be sure it complies with the appropriate medical standards.


– Food. If a food agency hands out food, it is their responsibility to ensure it meets the appropriate food standards.


– Boreholes. If an NGO drills a shallow irrigation borehole for a small farm, say in Africa, it is vital that it meets scientific standards for sustainability.


GMA was registered with the England & Wales Charity Commission as charity on 2nd June 2008 and with the State of California as a 501(c)3 charity on October 14th 2004.


Further Information


In accordance with best practise and transparency, together with safe practise, Global MapAid is happy to disclose further information as required to relevant enquirers.


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