Give As You Live or GAYL is how you help us fundraise and costs you not a penny.

It is an online portal like Amazon or eBay, with 6,000 shops.

MapAid receive a small loyalty bonus to MapAid every time you shop.

It will help us get water to small farmers.

And crucially make your Mum’s happy and our Mum’s too !

Please download the GAYL app on your phone and the GAYL extension on your PC or tablet, it takes less than 2 minutes, this is how…..

First on your phone – go to this QR code

Sign up for GAYL

AND then…

On your iPhone download GAYL from the App Store

It looks like this:


On your Android download GAYL from the Google Play

It looks like this:

Agree/ Sign up for GAYL
Same password & email

AND finally…

On you PC or tablet – go to this link www.globalmapaid/gayl  

Agree/ Sign up for GAYL
Same password & email

Please click browse and accept the browser extension

Every time you search Google it will ask if you are happy for your loyalty bonus to come to MapAid…

Thank you so much from all our team !