Why Donate?


Global MapAid is largely made up of unpaid volunteers, so you can be sure that your donation will be spent where it is needed most.


We believe all people are equal, so we will spend the money you give us with great care and attention to detail, worthy of both your generosity and the amazing commitment of our unpaid volunteers, who have a say in where and how your money is spent.

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Where Your Money Goes


When you donate to Global MapAid, you can be sure that your donation will not be wasted. We use our team of expert volunteers to direct the right resource to the right causes – helping to make global aid at a local level far more efficient. Your donations will allow us to continue building maps which direct aid to where it is needed most!


Recently we’ve built maps to show which areas are hit hardest by COVID-19; which UK cities are suffering the worst youth unemployment rates; and where economic and environmental resources are most needed in Ethiopia and Nepal.


With your donations the maps we create will inspire and support long-term solutions by highlighting gaps in sustainable development opportunities at a local level. This helps to point donors, NGOs and local authorities to those most in need of support.


You can donate via a one-off payment, or become a regular donor via direct debit – it’s entirely up to you. Anything you can give makes a huge difference to helping us and we are very grateful for all of your support.