Global MapAid (GMA) | Providing Opportunity & Innovative Solutions to Poverty through Mapping

How Global MapAid works

Global MapAid (GMA) is a mapping organisation that aims to provide opportunity through innovative solutions to poverty, by working long-term in selected low-income countries alongside local partners. GMA was set up by a group of humanitarian professionals with Desmond Tutu as Patron. GMA maps poverty hotspots and supports solutions through capturing data on unemployment and vital livelihood capabilities including vocational education, decent credit and business mentoring. GMA also maps drought, irrigation, food security, HIV monitoring and environmental damage as well as social programmes such as orphanages and maternal health clinics. As needed, disaster damage may also be mapped.

By creating and supplying maps to stakeholders including NGOs, government and donors, the charity’s objective is to empower poor and vulnerable communities. With more comprehensive information, stakeholders such as governments, NGOs, private donors and humanitarian supporters will be better enabled to coordinate and target hotspots to support the creation of stronger self-sustaining communities, that are also more capable of withstanding disasters.

Four Key Benefits of Socio-Economic Maps

Rapid Visual Understanding

A large amount of complex data put onto a map makes it easy to understand

Communicating to the Democratic Majority

The same map in the hands of a majority of decision-makers can create a “tipping point” allowing for positive approaches to be implemented quicker than would otherwise be the case

Visionary Confidence

Leadership gains a mandate for decisive action to create and build change

Memory Benefit

Research has found that only 10-20% of written or spoken information is retained in comparison to almost 65% of visual information

Is there confusion over no pictures or maps of problems in development areas?

51 Relief Agencies were polled, including: Action for Disability, African Youth Development Association, Children in Crisis, World Vision, Centre for Francophone African Development, Farm Africa, Mercy Corp Scotland, The Canon Collins Educational Trust Southern Africa, The Bihar Foundation and the British Nepal Medical Trust.

Current Areas of Work

Archbishop Desmond Tutu | Patron of Global MapAid

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and winner of the Ghandi Prize and the Congressional Medal of Freedom is patron of Global MapAid. In his own words he commented that GMA’s work is:

“Remarkably innovative and clearly effective mapping tool for placing humanitarian aid productively. The needs and solutions of climate change and global poverty both urgently need to be mapped, so it is vital you get all the support from donors that you need. The maps would certainly be an important incentive for donors knowing precisely where the needs are and where to direct their assistance. I like the idea that you try and use locally based teams whenever possible…count me in as an enthusiastic patron and supporter of this splendid tool and the Global MapAid team that are making it happen.”