2014-Present - Mozambique: Self-employed, CEO TSIG Lda

Ted currently provides contracting GIS services to TerraFirma Lda, in providing Open Source and Creative Commons Licensed Geographic Information Systems, as a solution in documenting Customary Land Tenure Rights (CLTR) and providing a system for ongoing maintenance of CLTR data.


Basis of the system –


1. Deploys data collectors to the field using android tablets, with ODK forms and Bluetooth Garmin Glo GPS


2. Reports to aggregate sites, either a locally deployed Tomcat6 server or cloud-based Google Appspots.


3. Utilises web published Google sheets in conjunction with excel queries for downloading aggregated data for pre-storage manipulation of data i.e. creating geoms.


4. Processes data uploading to PostgreSQL – PostGIS enabled database using PostgreSQL queries for storage and retrieval.


5. QGIS is the main interface for spatial data and for the production of hard copy maps, atlases and final physical evidence as Certificates.


6. Utilises Open Office OObase with Oracle report writer for data asset management and production of bulk registration support materials i.e. village registers and information of CLTR to broader stakeholders. Currently in the Development of Geoserver and Mapserver2 for html visualisations.

Flag-map of Mozambique