2011-2015 - Mozambique: GIS, Systems and IT Director, Executive Logistics

Desktop studies of assessing geology and mineralogy of sites through interpreting data through NDVI, tri band, multispectral and hyperspectral classifications, of mining concessions. Providing clients with information in areas of locational analysis and accessibility, internal road and trail networks, land drainage systems, population estimations, land usage and the sites elevation.


Using my analyses to identify possible surface mineralisation, I proposed target areas for ground truthing and planned and developed follow up strategies to undertake field studies for localised site surveys, sample collection and follow up laboratory analysis. I provided clients with topological maps to various scales and data elevation models, along with full written reports with classified images and the results of my analysis.


In the preparation and execution of the projects I used a mixture of remotely sensed data and have worked with multispectral and panchromatic images. I used historic documents scanning and georeferenced paper maps and hand drawn observations. I used ArcGIS 10.1 for data collation and to build the maps and imagery for final output as interactive pdf’s and hard copy maps. I used QGIS for the interoperability it offers and in preparing data for further analysis. The majority of my analysis work was undertaken using Erdas imagine software (9.1 & 11) in particular the hyperspectral work station in conjunction with USGS spectral library. My 3D models were built in Golden Software Surfer 11 using USGS’s ASTGTM2, GEMTED2010 and SRTM data as required.

Flag-map of Mozambique