Chatting with Theo Sergiou

We sat down with Theo Sergiou, London’s representative in the UK Youth Parliament, to discuss all things youth.


Recent winner of the Rotary Young Citizen’s Award 2020, Theo Sergiou has achieved outstanding feats for the community. Based in Enfield, Theo is passionate about reducing knife crime, and throughout the global pandemic, he has been offering support to 5 BEATS hospitals and supporting those who are nervous to attend appointments. As a member of the Youth Advisory Forum, Theo is the youngest person in British history to contribute to a No.10 Cabinet meeting. Theo is also a youth representative on Health Education England’s national Patient Advisory Forum where he works hard to ensure HEE programmes are accessible and inclusive for all users. 


In their discussion, Theo Sergiou and GMA researcher Amy Rubens touch on topics such as knife crime, gang culture, youth unemployment and apprenticeships.


“…that move to secondary from primary school seems to be where people start going down that wrong path, and that’s mainly because education wise it’s really much easier to fall between the gaps. And this can happen really easily due to poverty and all these other distinguishing factors which mean you’re not having the right learning environment, you’re not getting the right support.”

On the topic of gangs, Theo says, “If schools focused more on trying to integrate and create those kind of community environments, not having after school clubs that some students can attend, making a more inclusive effort during school time, then you’d see people not looking elsewhere for that kind of friendship and family environment.”


You can watch the full interview here.


Global MapAid has been exploring the relationship between crime and youth unemployment. Our research has shown that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK has put many young people in a vulnerable position, especially when it comes to employment and gang culture. To aid those in need, we have made a map showing local training centres. Click here to find details of your local training centre.


Click here to find out more about our youth unemployment maps.

Map showing where youth unemployment and crime are high and low

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