Africa Suffers Disproportionately from Climate Change

Africa Suffers Disproportionately from Climate Change

Earlier this month, September 8th 2022, The United Nations News channel reported on climate change effects in Africa, and here are three thoughts from that report:

  • “While Africa accounts for only about two to three per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it suffers disproportionately from it.”

And the UN report echoes the World Meteorological Organisation:

  • “Water stress and hazards like withering droughts and devastating floods are hitting African communities, economies and ecosystems hard, according to a new report launched on Thursday by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).”

And finally:

  • “The World Meteorological Organization has stated that: Climate change in Africa can destabilize ‘countries and entire regions’”

All the above, has contributed to exactly why MapAid is focusing upon mapping water resources for small farmers, commencing in East Africa.

We do this so that decision makers concerned with improving food security and agriculture can work from the same visual data reference points, and know how to answer questions such as:

Where is shallow groundwater ?


How can we conserve this terribly valuable resource ?

Our late beloved Patron, Desmond Tutu could not have put it more clearly:

"The needs and solutions of climate change and global poverty both urgently need to be mapped!" – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Patron Emeritus of Global MapAid.

Panorama, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia