- 2020

USA: George Mason University AI Mapping

GMA unites Arba Minch University Water Technology Institute of Ethiopia, and George Mason University Center for Resilient & Sustainable Communities of the USA. The mission is to enhance drinking water and food supply for small farmers, by developing an AI for groundwater mapping prototype, to help cost-efficient placement of shallow wells.



 World & UK: Coronavirus & Youth Unemployment Mapping


Global MapAid makes a hope map showing community and medical response to COVID-19 in the UK, and tracks  coronavirus cases and deaths throughout the UK and the world. In May as COVID-19 appears to be easing, mapping is accomplished to show youth unemployment and youth opportunities in order to illustrate those who will be hit hardest by the unemployment effects of COVID-19.



 UK: Rebrand


Global MapAid rebrands as “MapAid” and enlists a team of fantastic volunteers with specialisms in social media, marketing and graphic design to achieve this goal.