Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Specialist Required

Global MapAid seeks an AI or ML specialist who can work with our existing coders, to develop our ideas to automate our sustainable job creation activities. Ideally the candidate will have a proven passion for social & economic justice and be interested in working within a multidisciplinary team.


Voluntary role: Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Specialist
Time commitment: 1-2 days per week, on an ad-hoc basis
Skills: AI or ML, Technology
Location: remote/from home
Responsibilities: automating data collection, working with project team, guidance and advice


Global MapAid or simply “MapAid” is a social enterprise working with local people, to help them identify & map local solutions (hotspots) for their development, to help prevent disasters. The maps benefit policy makers, donors, non-government organisations and corporate social responsibility organisations, by focusing efforts where most needed. Additionally, some of our maps are designed for use by vulnerable people.


We were founded at Stanford University in 2003, and have registered in the USA and the UK with 40 unpaid volunteers across the world. Our Patron is Desmond Tutu.


Recently our UK team has mapped Covid-19 response including many of the good causes supporting the NHS and vulnerable people. Since the pandemic has disrupted the economy, we are now mapping youth unemployment and some solutions.


Overseas we have partnerships with Arba Minch University and George Mason University, to help develop an AI to crunch hydrogeological data for mapping shallow borehole locations, which are vital to irrigation and food supply in Africa.

Roles & Responsibilities


This role will be essential in implementing a new occupational demand project. Working alongside our GIS technicians and data collectors, the role holder will be responsible for using existing AI technology to create an automated system for nationwide data analysis.


This is not a full-time role, but very much an ad-hoc role, working with others, from time-to-time, by arrangement.


Role Requirements


This role requires someone with an understanding of open source AI packages that are in existence and is capable of helping us suggest and combine parts that will help us to create an occupation demands system. Ideally the role holder is a specialist in their field.

Why is MapAid needed? Why is this a great opportunity?


Our leadership is based around small friendly teams, with a deep respect for everyone.  When a consensus cannot be reached, which is rare, we run a vote.  Working with us, there is also a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that even a small map, like a rudder on a ship, can influence the lives of millions for the better.


Interested applicants should send a copy of their CV to Lizzie Brightwell at