Technical Vocational Education and Training Reform

Thursday March 31st 2011

The last few days have been spent visiting Cairo University and gaining ideas and support for the proposal to make a Poverty Solutions Map. The idea has been taking shape slowly and the academics who are now offering their informal advisory support are growing:-

This list is in alphabetical order and does not represent an order of importance:-

Professor Dr. Mohammed Safey El-Din Abulezz, President of the Geographic Society of Egypt

Professor Dr. Fathy M. Abou Ayana, Professor of Human Geography, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

Professor Dr. Madiha El Safty, Senior Sociology Lecturer, American University Cairo – Sociology Department

Professor Dr. M.M Gaber, El-Minya University

Professor Dr. Medhat  Ahmed Haroun, Provost, American University, Cairo

Professor Dr. El-Sayed S. Husseini, Professor of Geography, Former Dean of Arts, Cairo University

Professor Dr. Mohammed Mahsob, Geography Department at Cairo University

Professor Dr. Adel Safty, International Leadership Forum (UNDP and UNESCO)

Professor Dr. Amal Ismail Shawer, Geography Department, Cairo University

Shawky Mansour M.Sc., Egyptian GIS expert, University of Southampton

In Egypt it is vital to gain the support of senior people, even to make a map about social and economic requirements.

One evening I was invited to a family home and had a meal with two Egyptian ladies, one of them was an irrigation engineer, the other a biochemistry researcher. It was fascinating to get another view on the problems and situations of the revolution.

Another day, I attended a geography lecture at Cairo University, they were all the students and faculty were incredibly keen on the subject and to help the project.

Today I went to the offices of the Technical Vocational Education and Training Reform project, financed by the EU and the Egyptian Government. This is a vital piece of work, and I hope the map we make can encourage and support it. They promised to call me soon to fix a meeting.

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