By 18 December 2013Fundraising

Over Christmas and the New Year a small team of intrepid volunteers will visit  35 people who we think might want to help us – in and around London – asking them to help a very special project about youth unemployment.

The project is to begin to create a wikipedia-style mapping system to link unemployment poverty to vocational education levels across the UK, using the 650 parliamentary constituencies as the boundary markers, this means the map relates to all parties across the UK.

Just take a minute to watch Billy Webb’s story in the video here, it shows how devastating unemployment is in the lives of Britain’s youth. And this story is copied 960,000 times across our country right now !

Actually we have already made a map for 2013, it took 4 volunteers, working after their day jobs, 24 months to assemble and build the first paper map, one of them was working in Ethiopia so they had to use Skype. It was totally exhausting but worth it !

This new automated system going, will use wisdom of crowds, and we need to raise £38,880, which will be used to develop a bigger fundraising campaign across the UK. A great spin off from the project is that it will also help us raise money for our mapping work in Ethiopia, where we have been making maps about micro-credit, that is vital to buy irrigation and therefore stop famine.

Please follow us on our story around London this Christmas  and New Year as we meet and greet and explain our idea.