/ Francois Carstens

Vision & Mission Statement


Global MapAid aims to inspire and support long-term sustainable development through increasing access to opportunities that result in gainful employment so that people are enabled to lead self-empowered lives.


GMA’s goal is to create maps to assist communities living in areas of economic poverty by illustrating development opportunities. GMA maps poverty hotspots and supports solutions through capturing data on unemployment and vital livelihood capabilities including access to education and microcredit.


GMA captures and relates data around development needs, emphasising solutions for unemployment — such as access to education and microcredit. It makes these relationships clear by mapping where both access to capital and resources can be found while noting gaps and areas of need. These maps are then disseminated to key stakeholders responsible for solutions: such as educators, bankers and business incubators, government and non-government donors and policy makers, enabling better, more concerted action.


GMA seeks to support development initiatives, such as microcredit and agricultural expansion programmes, which aim to support and facilitate job creation and employment. This underpins self-empowerment while mitigating political and social unrest. The United Nations World at Work Report (2013) p.14 states that a key determinant of social unrest is unemployment. The World Economic Forum ‘Global Agenda Council on Youth Unemployment 2013’ further mentions over 350 million youth (aged 14 to 24) are not in employment, education or training.

Mapping Benefits include: Rapid Visual Understanding, Majority Democratic Understanding, Visionary Confidence & Memory Benefit. / Christoph Schmitz