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UK: Mapping to Support Opportunities for NEET

As the UK is an economically developed nation it may initially seem there is no need for the type of mapping support that GMA offers. However youth unemployment, otherwise known as NEET (‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’) in the UK has varied persistently between 10% to 20% over the last few years. These levels are significantly higher than the overall UK unemployment figures and in 2015 represented over 700,000 young people not in education employment or training.

In 2011 there were youth riots across the UK, many gang-related, adding weight to the idea that if significant numbers of young people are unemployed it will lead to incendiary social unrest. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a British social policy research and development charity, has noted the link between poverty and long-term crime.

GMA has already accomplished proof of concept mapping via a UK-wide project with a London focus, showing the relationship between specific levels of unemployment and lack of opportunities in the same vicinity for vocational education.

United Kingdom Poverty Solutions Mapping

As part of an initiative to help reduce poverty in the UK through the use of intelligent mapping, GMA created thematic maps of London. These maps identify parliamentary constituencies in London where opportunities for ‘sustainable employment’ are least available — this being defined as areas of high unemployment combined with low availability of vocational training.

Opportunities for sustainable employment can be created through vocational training together with quality mentoring or apprenticeships. Consequently, maps may be used by interested parties to target and improve the vocational opportunities in low-income areas with high youth unemployment.

GMA United Kingdom Poverty Solutions Map 

Updated March 2013 PDF

Vocational Places in London

January 2012 PDF

Areas of Least Opportunity

UK Vocational Education

Unemployment in London

January 2012 PDF

Areas of Least Opportunities in London

January 2012 PDF

UK Unemployment