1999 - Kosovo, Montenegro: Shelter Coordniator, World Vision & Chair of UNHCR Shelter Committee

The mission became two jobs in one, working as both the UNHCR Representative and the World Vision Representative, in Mitrovice, Kosovo. It was an intense post-conflict leadership role, in charge of international teams looking after rather traumatised populations. He led teams setting up refugee housing schemes and established emergency refugees forwarding centres in Mitrovice, Prishtina and Ulsinje. Together with his team of 14 men and women, he also surveyed 5,000 houses in 8 weeks working 16 to 20 hour days.

As UNHCR Representative, he also collated information from 15 agencies and provided information on the type and quantity of repair materials needed for housing that was repairable, significantly alleviating severe pressure on an overwintering population of approximately 500,000 people in Mitrovice. In addition, he was responsible for logistics for World Vision Mitrovice, organising delivery of over-winter shelter materials, and emergency food handouts.