By 22 December 2013Fundraising

Presents wrapped last night, loads of tins of beans and bread, typical food for someone in Africa or the United Kingdom, which took a couple of hours.

This morning I got up early and did an 8k run which made me feel great. The air was like champagne and the soft English countryside in the low winter sunlight stunningly beautiful. It was all over too soon.

Then I loaded up the vehicle, my Citroen Berlingo and drove to London to stay at my sisters house in Clapham. She’s a darling.

Light Bulb Moment !

She had invited for lunch a City fund manager who works for the UK government travelling all around Africa. It was a light bulb moment, since Thomas completely understood the significant connection between unemployment poverty and social tensions, and the need for visual comprehension, so I gave him all the MapGap documents. This was totally unscripted, an amazing stroke of fortune. He promised to get back in contact.