By 6 December 2013Fundraising, Unemployment

There is much to do, planning the fundraiser, organising the logistics, capturing information that is required, and keeping an open mind when daily changes crop up. The plan is to meet and greet some “movers and shakers” over the Christmas period and give them a small present of some beans, typical of what an unemployed person might eat, either here OR in Africa, so now we are are putting a List together of these movers & shakers.

If anyone out there has some good ideas, please let me know !

Right now, the target audience is to visit, say, 7 each of the following:-

  • Politicians
  • Wealthy people – food or clothing or other industry
  • Multi-National Corporates – Shell  / BP etc
  • Actors/Actresses, or Fashion Industry Gurus
  • Media and journalist types or authors
That’s 35 movers and shakers  –  that would be good… 7 a day over 5 days…
It would then help spread our idea into diverse networks… let the beans roll forth !