Terence ‘Ted’ Mothers – Senior GIS Consultant

Ted Mothers
  • 2014-Present Mozambique: Self-employed, CEO TSIG Lda

    Ted currently provides contracting GIS services to TerraFirma Lda, in providing Open Source and Creative Commons Licensed Geographic Information Systems, as a solution in documenting Customary Land Tenure Rights (CLTR) and providing a system for ongoing maintenance of CLTR data.


    Basis of the system –


    1. Deploys data collectors to the field using android tablets, with ODK forms and Bluetooth Garmin Glo GPS


    2. Reports to aggregate sites, either a locally deployed Tomcat6 server or cloud-based Google Appspots.


    3. Utilises web published Google sheets in conjunction with excel queries for downloading aggregated data for pre-storage manipulation of data i.e. creating geoms.


    4. Processes data uploading to PostgreSQL – PostGIS enabled database using PostgreSQL queries for storage and retrieval.


    5. QGIS is the main interface for spatial data and for the production of hard copy maps, atlases and final physical evidence as Certificates.


    6. Utilises Open Office OObase with Oracle report writer for data asset management and production of bulk registration support materials i.e. village registers and information of CLTR to broader stakeholders. Currently in the Development of Geoserver and Mapserver2 for html visualisations.

    Flag-map of Mozambique

  • 2011-2015 Mozambique: GIS, Systems and IT Director, Executive Logistics

    Desktop studies of assessing geology and mineralogy of sites through interpreting data through NDVI, tri band, multispectral and hyperspectral classifications, of mining concessions. Providing clients with information in areas of locational analysis and accessibility, internal road and trail networks, land drainage systems, population estimations, land usage and the sites elevation.


    Using my analyses to identify possible surface mineralisation, I proposed target areas for ground truthing and planned and developed follow up strategies to undertake field studies for localised site surveys, sample collection and follow up laboratory analysis. I provided clients with topological maps to various scales and data elevation models, along with full written reports with classified images and the results of my analysis.


    In the preparation and execution of the projects I used a mixture of remotely sensed data and have worked with multispectral and panchromatic images. I used historic documents scanning and georeferenced paper maps and hand drawn observations. I used ArcGIS 10.1 for data collation and to build the maps and imagery for final output as interactive pdf’s and hard copy maps. I used QGIS for the interoperability it offers and in preparing data for further analysis. The majority of my analysis work was undertaken using Erdas imagine software (9.1 & 11) in particular the hyperspectral work station in conjunction with USGS spectral library. My 3D models were built in Golden Software Surfer 11 using USGS’s ASTGTM2, GEMTED2010 and SRTM data as required.

    Flag-map of Mozambique

  • 2008-2009 South Africa: Group IT Manager / Finance Manager, Kangela Celular

    The administration and management of the group’s information systems providing continuity of IT service to the organisation, managing staff/ budgets/ projects/ vendors and service level agreements across five SBUs. Building domain servers (Win 2003) and controlling data processing and storage through the Active Directory shares and controlling access by implementing rigid group policy. I introduced a back-up and archiving system in addition to preparing a disaster management strategy.


    Daily management of accounts for Kangela Celular through maintaining records in Pastel Evolution.

    Flag-map of South Africa

  • 2002-2006 Greece & Luxembourg: Information Systems Specialist, National Administration of The Ministry of Fisheries

    Regional harmonisation of information systems in monitoring, control and surveillance of (MSC) activities in the coastal states of SADC. Duty stations were Maputo and Luanda.


    Provided technical and equipment based institutional capacity building and development through scheduling a programme of activities in support of MCS activities to the Industrial and semi-industrial Fisheries which included the training and use in VMS, GIS & GPS.


    Planned and equipped a centralised operation room and produced general operational procedures and practices as written manuals.


    Developed and implemented national databases (Access, MSQL) for MSC activities.


    Produced and presented technical papers on MSC-IS procedures for presentation at regional meetings and workshops.


    Budgeted the work plan activities and controlled expenditures in line with EU funding policies and was a signatory for Mozambique’s Project and Service fund accounts (€2.28M).

    Author: AivazovskyFlag-map of Luxembourg

  • 1998-2001 Mozambique: Economist/Administration Advisor, Institute for Development of Small Scale Fishers

    Institutional capacity building through support to the National Institute for the Development of Small Scale Fisheries, duty stations Angoche & Maputo, Mozambique.


    Trained a co-operant in systems development and deployment and undertook the reviews of IT infrastructure and assessed personnel capabilities. Provided training, assistance and support to all the regional delegations of IDPPE with ICT.


    Wrote and implemented Data Base Systems (Access) for the 1999 National census of Artisanal Fisheries; Trail fishing gear reporting; Marketing evaluation of value chain analysis; Seasonal catch statistics.


    Flag-map of Mozambique

  • 1991-1995 UK: Consultant / Project Manager, “Really Wild Flowers”

    Responsible for the UK based project “Really Wild Flowers” providing technical support to landscape architects and end users of plants into planting schemes.

    Provided consultancy in the field with such projects as:

    • Design and construction of a nursery facility in Golvad
    • Technical inputs to the nursery design
    • Crop diversification program for tobacco producers in Hyderabad India
    • Home Office support to consultants in the field

  • 1987-1991 Saudi Arabia: General Manager, Zaid Al-Hussain SAHDCo

    Day to day management of the company and its activities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia running landscaping projects, a nursery and two garden centres along with analysing tender documents – prepared and presented bids for projects on behalf of the Parent company based in Riyadh and for SAHDCo in the Eastern Province.


    Responsible for 350 multi-cultural and multi-disciplined personnel employed in the company’s nursery and on their associated landscape projects. Recruited foreign and local personnel to augment the resident staff on award of successful tenders.

  • 1985-1987 Saudi Arabia: Nursery Manager, Riyadh International Airport

    Production and maintenance of plant material required by the interior and exterior landscaping contractors for Riyadh International Airport’s landscape maintenance contract.


    Responsible for two teams of 30 multi-cultural, multi-disciplined workers and provided both training and familiarisation to the employees with skills required for the production and maintenance of plant material as well as overseeing the general management of the nursery facility.