This video describes the SROI (Social Return on Investment) for the MapGap programme, both the project in the United Kingdom and in Ethiopia.

A Summary

We want to make a map system to show UK unemployment in relation to sustainable employment solutions. Secondly we want to make a map system in Ethiopia to show where credit does and does not exist. Together both projects will cost 862K and need 38K to raise that. All this will help keep senior leaders well informed.

Here is the why, at a best and conservative guess, the maps will help:-

>>> 1% reduction on current UK youth unemployment (21% or 960,000 people) due to better & more vocational training, this represents 9,600 people. For £38,880 that’s £4.32 per youth – Social Return on Investment – SROI. This is conservative.

>>> 5% reduction in starvation (and possible death) facing 75 million Ethiopians (in their 15 year drought cycle) due to better & more irrigation credit amounts to 3.75 million people being fed and possibly saved from dying. For every £1 invested in the 38K that’s 96 lives are enhanced – SROI. This is conservative.

Four Vital Benefits of Socio-Economic Mapping In UK and Ethiopia

+ Rapid Visual Understanding: A massive amount of complex data put on to a map makes it easy to understand (compared to a heavy written report) – leading to a “light bulb moment”
Take a quick look at the briefing maps we have already made in the UK and Ethiopia.

+ Communicating to the Democratic Majority: The same map in the hands of a majority of decision makers creates a “tipping point” and society can change it’s collective approach and actions for the better, very fast – “a picture tells a thousand words”

+ Visionary Confidence: Leadership gains a mandate for decisive action to create and build change

+ Memory Benefit: Research indicates that when human sees something, they remember 30%, contrasting with only 10% when they read it – this promotes the benefits above

The Costs and Benefits of MapGap Programme

MapGap needs to raise £38,880 to pay for a larger fundraising programme to be executed with the help of a tried and tested fund-raising team, Bonnie Clayton Consulting, that is a long serving member of the (UK) Institute of Fundraising as well having Ms Clayton on the Board of the (UK) Association of Fundraising Consultants. These consultants have been very successful on other campaigns, including the 2013 Para-Olympics held in Bath. Here are a couple of references.

With the £38,880, Bonnie Clayton Consultants will over a period of 6 to 12 months raise a larger sum of £862,087. This period will be segmented with stage payments, so that investors can have full review opportunity at various stages which should increases comfort.

The £862,087 will be split £230,000 to the UK project and £612,087 for Ethiopia, to be spent over 2 and 3 years respectively, during which time a further fundraising campaign will be launched. A large corporate Partner will also be sought, with whom GMA can together make maps, perhaps in countries where this Partner is already operational.

GMA has already completed mapping in Ethiopia and the United Kingdom and has created a flow diagram for UK and a flow diagram for Ethiopia that illustrates the Social Return on Investment.