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The Times & VW & Simon Woodroffe Mentoring Competition

We entered the competition, seeking 1 month of Simon’s mentoring & time…

Tell us what your company does ?

Here is what we said….

Global MapAid makes socio-economic maps to promote capitalist solutions to unemployment poverty. For example showing spread and depth of employment markets, vocational education, credit and business mentoring. The stakeholders and users are those who care about solving unemployment, for example Mr Cameron, education authorities, corporates, the media and tax-payers. We research the data, make the maps and distribute them.

Our latest map shows the worst levels of unemployment and vocational education occur in the same parliamentary constituencies, here in the UK. This is critical, to help first expose then solve 21% youth unemployment.

Here’s the video we submitted:-

GMA application for Mentoring from Simon Woodroffe

Tell us about the challenge your company is facing, steps you have taken so far, and why Simon should work with you…

Here’s what we said…

Global MapAid wants to semi-automate the data collection and mapping of vocational education in the UK, in relation to unemployment poverty.  This means building an on-line wisdom of crowds system, to help capture the data, and engage a team of volunteers to input data. It also means finding a beachhead customer who will pay for this. Once it is built we will be able to adapt it to other drivers for sustainable capitalism, such as credit and business mentoring.

We have made a detailed plan to build and launch this system, which we think will cost about £230,000. In addition over Christmas we did an awareness campaign called

We would like Simon to 1) review our plans, 2) help us improve them, 3) help us create a segmented list of potential customers so that 4) together we can successfully locate a beachhead customer and 5) work with them to make this a reality.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is our Patron and is 100% behind us, not least because in South Africa they have up to 40 to 90% unemployment and need a something similar.