Hi there friends !

I am off to meet some of the people listed below over Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th November 2014 , to discuss our Vision, our Mission and our down to earth ideas…. may be we shall capture some traction !

Maybe also I’ll get a chance to share my MBA thesis findings, about the underpinning solutions for sustainable job creation, that can be mapped…

GMA’s Vision:-

To promote peace through the launch of massive numbers of quality sustainable jobs, globally. These are low-risk jobs represented by small-scale family or self-employed businesses, providing essential services or products to local communities.

GMA’s Mission:-

Our goal is to make and use maps to help persuade and inform key stakeholders about where and why and how the solutions underpinning sustainable job programmes are needed. These solutions include vocational education, microcredit and business mentoring and are mapped in the context of underlying unemployment poverty levels.

We aim to set up many locally based teams, to create poverty solution maps “to give eyes” to key stakeholders – primarily, members of parliaments, governments, educators, donors and NGOs and the voting public…

GMA right down to earth Statement:-

Many of us look at the TV weather report, to understand where it will be sunny or rainy for the precious week end. We go on holiday and spend our hard earned cash – and grab a tourist map for the best hotel, beach or even hospital. Therefore, why not maps to best know where and how to help to create jobs !

In sum, is special Global MapAid fundraising project:-

United Kingdom

Moved by the 2011 riots and over 700,000 unemployed UK youth by 2015, the UK Project maps vocational education versus unemployment poverty and needs to be embedded into it’s own website with a crowd source team to capture data, map and evangelise maps. The website will then be useful to inform MPs, Mrs Jones with her four unemployed children, The Prime Minister, educators and the UK voting public…

See UK Proof of Concept briefing