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Leadership Profiles

Rupert Douglas-Bate, Chairman - USA & UK charities

Rupert has been an aid worker since 1989 when he went to live and work in East Africa. Since then he has worked all over the world, developing a responsive and multicultural style of leadership, based on mutual respect coupled to systematic decision-making.

Aid workers by definition have to be flexible, for example he has been a water and sanitation engineer, a shelter coordinator, an agricultural supplies officer and a logistician.

During 1994 in Bosnia, he realised there was a critical need for maps to help:-

  1. aid workers find the victims
  2. victims find the aid
  3. make the outside world accountable towards helping in a humanitarian context (this also being an issue to do with democracy)

So he set up Aid for Aid, which has now been transformed into the successful British non-government organisation known as Map Action. It rapidly and successfully deploys specialist map-makers from the UK, in event of a disaster.

In 2003 he went to Stanford University and together with some friends, built a technology for capturing humanitarian data and making maps, in near-real time and the project won a prize, all credit to his team. Afterwards his team encouraged him to set up Global MapAid.

Global MapAid is a non-government organisation, registered as a charity in the United States (as 501 c3), as well as in England & Wales. It's central mission is to train local personnel in their own countries to make humanitarian maps. These local personnel make maps of poverty issues before a disaster and are also able respond in the event of a disaster. GMA has developed a method of making these teams financially self-sustaining.

Here are some references awarded against contracts that Rupert carried out before the humanitarian mapping buzz took over.


Rupert Douglas-Bate, Chairman


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Michael Fleishman, Director Finance and Administration - USA charity

Michael earned a BS degree in geophysics from UCLA and an MS degree in geophysics from Stanford University. As an undergraduate he published results of research on the near-Earth space environment, and his NASA-supported Master's thesis focused on radar satellite observations of Earth's crust. While at Stanford he joined Global MapAid and utilized his background in GIS, GPS, and satellite imagery in helping develop GMA's prototype mobile mapping system. The project won a top prize in the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students.

In recent years Michael has assisted GMA with hardware/software purchasing, recruiting, finances, incorporation in California, and obtaining federal 501c3 non-profit status.

Michael Fleishman, Director Finance and Administration

Jeffrey Tew, Director Technology - USA charity

Jeff is a Technical Fellow and Group Manager of the Global Manufacturing Strategy and Planning Group, in the Manufacturing Systems Research Lab of General Motors. As a senior executive, he specializes in Research and Development for manufacturing logistics.

Exploiting mathematics, Jeff saves organizations time, money and materials. He has strong international connections in academic and corporate sectors, including Consolidated Freightways, Schneider Logistics, Georgia Tech University, Oregon Graduate Institute, Stanford and Tsinghua University in Beijing.Prior to General Motors, he was the director of Logistics Engineering at Schneider Logistics, Inc. Earlier, he was a Senior Systems Engineer at Consolidated Freightways, Inc. and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Simulation at the Oregon Graduate Institute.

Jeff was also a member of the faculty in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA. In recent years, he has been an Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Management at Georgia Tech University and a Visiting Professor of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Jeffrey Tew, Director Techology

Robin Sheehan, Director Geographic Information Systems - UK charity

Robin, proudly pictured here with his one and only son Sebastian, is a Scotsman born in Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife in 1961. He has 28 years experience in the geospatial industry, both as an end user and in the commercial environment.

For the last 15 years of those 28, Robin has been engaged commercially in a variety of overlapping geospatial and civil market sectors. These include: municipalities; transport and local infrastructure; 3D-cities GIS; water and utilities; defence; crisis management and contingency planning; environment; and business intelligence.

Latterly, Robin was Small and Medium Enterprise Director with Bentley Systems, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa for Geospatial and Civil industries. Prior to that he was Northern European Business Manager for Cadcorp, after moving there from Genaware where he was Managing Director for Europe Middle East and Africa. His commercial career started however in 1995 with Laser-Scan (now 1Spatial) where he rose to be Global Business Development Manager, and secured his MBA from the Open University.

His career began in 1983, as a climatologist and environmental scientist with the UK Met Office, where he was engaged in climatology, agricultural meteorology and epidemiology. From there, he progressed naturally into the Environmental and Space Systems Group of Software Sciences (now IBM Data Sciences), working on undersea cabling technology, environmental satellite systems for ERS-1, and also establishing one of the first independent GIS consultancy teams in the UK. The British Oceanographic Data Centre was Robin’s next stop, as an environmental scientist, climatologist, and recognised GIS expert, where he created some of the first ever digital thematic marine atlases, and championed coastal zone management applications of GIS, and researching 4-D aquatic data structures.

Today, outside of Global MapAid, Robin has a focus on Forest Schools teaching and learning for all age groups, and outdoor experience training for management individuals and teams. Robin is a triathlete, and has led small expedition teams on charitable adventures. As a GIS expert, climatologist and oceanographer, he was invited to participate as a field manager for the Ice-Warrior Expedition in 2003, supporting expeditions on the Arctic polar ice cap. Robin is also a director and founder member of two theatre art companies, a dedicated martial artist and musician.

Robin who is married to Bridget, expresses their core values thus: “We only get so many years in this world; some good, some bad. But occasionally we may be in a position to make someone else’s time in this world a little better and more hopeful than it might be right now. Times when we can give something back.”

Robin Sheehan and his son Sebastian

Doug Eamer, Director Map Production - UK charity

Doug has been involved in Digital Mapping and GIS all his working life, beginning at the Ordnance Survey GB. He has witnessed and adapted to considerable changes in technology for map production; from the drawing pen (double bladed and hand sharpened!) to the mouse (or is it finger now?)

Having worked in both public and private sectors, Doug has been in the roles of general management, sales and marketing, project management, consultancy and training. He has considerable expertise in GIS and digital mapping technology and services. He has travelled widely on business to support distributors and promote to end user clients in Europe, Middle East, USA and North Africa.

Doug has a considerable number of contacts in the GIS industry and has been active in several associations including AGI (association for Geographic Information), BCS (British Cartographic Society) and IMTA (International Map Traders Association).

His current role is European Sales & Marketing Manager for a geospatial services company based in southern India and the travelling still goes on.
Doug worked with Robin Sheehan during his days at Laser-Scan (now 1Spatial) and early in 2011, contacted Robin to express interest in GMA and the next thing he knew, was supervising the production of UK poverty maps. He is thrilled at having the opportunity to help GMA in the battle against poverty through the use of intelligent mapping.

Doug Eamon, Director Map Production - USA charity

Leslie Mukwedeya, Director of Field Mapping - UK charity

Leslie qualified in Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems at the Sir Sandford Fleming College (Natural Resources, Applied Sciences & Technology), Ontario, Canada in 1990. Since then he has set up and run Integrated Spatial Resources Pvt. Ltd (ISP), in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In the role of founder and Business Development Director, he managed user requirement analysis for SMEs and Corporate sectors. ISP worked for Anglo-American Pvt. Ltd on a geological classification system involving a full data capturing, querying, plotting, data maintenance and data management effort. Further to that ISP also worked for Ashanti and Unilever on commercial GIS projects, where he managed project life cycles from design to implementation. Designs have included an intranet application for access by remote fieldworkers.

Recently Leslie emigrated to the UK where he was on a short contract for a GIS company called Dotted Eyes Limited, from the West Midlands, where he ran a GIS contract for the National Health Service. He now works permanently for British Telecom as a Government Sector Account Manager. He is married with a little boy.

Leslie Mukwedeya, Director of Field Mapping - UK Charity

Hans-Jurgen Meuser, Director of Field Mapping - UK charity

Hans is a highly experienced cartographer and mapper, with over 35 years of experience with commercial, public sector and charities. He is an expert in Bentley Microstation and has a Cartographic Diplome from Germany. In his early days he worked for the Survey Production Centre, at NATO, in Mönchen Gladbach, Germany, on military map production. Later he emigrated to Sweden where he worked for Kjessler & Mannerstråle, Stockholm on their road construction mapping projects.

For many years he mapped the entire Swedish landmass, introducing the digitization of mapping to Sweden to create the Swedish National Atlas. In 1992 he moved to Harare, Zimbabwe and founded Integrated Spatial Resources, which proceeded to make maps for mining and geological purposes for Ashanti Mines. Then followed an Unilever project to create commercial market maps for the whole of Zimbabwe. At present he lives in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he works for Global MapAid.

Hans-Jurgen Meuser, Director of Field Mapping - UK Charity

Jonathan J. Sury, Director of Field Mapping - USA charity

Jonathan is a Project Coordinator at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health. He recently completed a master’s degree in public health in Environmental Health Sciences with a concentration in Environment and Molecular Epidemiology from the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University. He has a keen interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their use in disaster preparedness and recovery. Additionally, he has a focus in the use of GIS in combination with wireless data collection methods in the field with centralized server applications. Jonathan has been involved with Global MapAid since mid 2008 soon after which he embarked on his mission to Nepal to assess the possibilities of a Global MapAid Nepal office.

Presently, he contributes to a variety of disaster-related research at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, including evaluating the unanticipated consequences of pandemic flu, determining racially and ethnically appropriate emergency messaging, analyzing the long-term resiliency and recovery issues in the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina, the measurement and mapping of social vulnerability and the role of place and space in disaster recovery.

Jonathan J. Sury, Director of Field Mapping - USA Charity

Jessamin Kaur Roothman, Director of Website Development- UK charity

Jessamin is a young entrepreneur who currently runs her own web development agency that services clientele from South Africa and internationally. She is also a volunteer web developer for Global MapAid. Prior to starting her own business in 2006, Jessamin ventured to Cape Town and worked in the multimedia and marketing industry there for three years.

She began her career in the multimedia industry after successfully graduating in Multimedia Production with 1st Class Honours from SAE Institute / Middlesex University. She later pursued a business degree in Hotel and Resort Management from Southern Cross University.

Jessamin is an individual who is independent, enthusiastic and dedicated in accomplishing tasks. She enjoys interactions with people and takes her own initiative to get things done. Her mature and caring nature makes her a natural leader and mentor to her peers.

Jessamin Kaur Roothman


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