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Concerning Africa, in due course GMA will collaborate with World Vision International in setting up a pilot project in Zimbabwe or Mozambique to survey and map famine according to standard UN guidelines, once funding has been secured. GMA has a five-year strategy to help direct operations and define the program goals. The strategy will not be absolute but will be used to allow for a structured and focused approach of implementation.

It is envisaged that countries most affected by famine in the southern African region, namely Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Malawi, will be targeted. Notwithstanding recent events, Zimbabwe will be focused on as soon as possible, because of the dire conditions as well as World Vision's active involvement in the country.

"World Vision International is pleased to Partner with Global MapAid, on a project to create maps of humanitarian conditions in the southern Africa region. These maps would be more detailed and relevant to operational agencies than those that currently exist."

Senior staff member,
World Vision South Africa.


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