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Informal Advisory Group

This is a collection of expert friends of GMA, whose skills and experience cover a wide range of areas, all of which are relevant to the work of Global MapAid.

  1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Patron Global MapAid
  2. Merry Crosthwaite, Patron Global MapAid
  3. Neven Acropolis, Climate Change Specialist
  4. Dr Katia Alves, Stanford University
  5. Michael Edge, Chairman, London & Country
  6. Bruce Beardsley, U.S State Department, retired
  7. Don Boyd, globally acclaimed Film Maker, Editor, Director
  8. Professor Gordon, Bloom, Havard University
  9. Jim Brass, Research Scientist, NASA Ames
  10. Professor Deryke Belshaw, Wolfson College, Oxford University
  11. Dermot G. Coughlan, Businessman
  12. Dain DeGroff, Vice President JP Morgan Securities Inc
  13. David Fraiberg, Founder and Managing Director, University Brothers Capital, LLC
  14. Stuart Gannes, Director, Reuters Digital Vision Program, Stanford University
  15. Adrian Gardner, Chairman, Mantis Collection Dubai World
  16. Dr Satinder Gill, ex-CSLI, Stanford University
  17. Leif Gjestland, Chairman CfMC
  18. David Gutelius, CEO, Ishtirak
  19. Russell Hall, Managing Director, Legacy Ventures
  20. Jeffrey Hamaoui, CEO Origo
  21. Paul Herman, CEO Hipinvestor.com
  22. Fred & Sheila Horrox, Long time international aid workers, retired
  23. Bruce Janigian, CEO, Global Development Partners
  24. Richard Johnson, Acting Science Advisor, to the Reagan Administration
  25. Henry Morton Jack, Media and Law Advisor
  26. Richard Leftley, President & CEO, MicroEnsure
  27. John P. Leighfield CBE, Businessman
  28. Jonathan Martyn Needham, Computer and IT Specialis
  29. Jody Lynn Myrum, Gender Based Violence Specialist, IRC
  30. Amber Nystrom, Director, Women's Technology Cluster
  31. Zachary Pogue, Technologist and IT Specialist
  32. Paul Roman, Media Logistics (UK) Ltd
  33. David Rutter, Quantity Surveyor
  34. Professor Adel Safty, Dean IILPA, Istanbul
  35. Veselin Stoilov, Founder PHPjabbers.com Webmasters
  36. Gordon Thomas, internationally acclaimed Author
  37. Omar Shahabudin McDoom, European Director, The Child is Innocent
  38. Randy Strash, Director, Emergency Relief, World Vision
  39. Greg Swanson, CEO HumaniNet
  40. Peter Tavernise, Cisco Systems Foundation
  41. Stephen Wright, Food Technology and International Development Specialist


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So we can track your donation, please inform us at info@globalmapaid.org

Terms and Conditions for Donations:

Global MapAid does not normally operate a returns procedure for donations. However in exceptional circumstances, at the Board's discretion, donations larger than US $1000 might be returned.