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Haiti Mission : Sustainable Job Programmes for Young Men and Women

Alex ParisienIn June 2010 a young Canadian, Alex Parisien, set off for Haiti, her mission was to carry out an initial study of the locations and boundaries of vocational and trade training programs and schools for young men and women within and around Port au Prince. A secondary objective was to gain an understanding of the current situation within Haiti in the wake of the 7.0 earthquake in January of 2010. During the two week trip to Port au Prince, 37 schools were visited and the directors and principals were interviewed in an effort to obtain as much information on the schools, their students, programs and impact of the earthquake on their ability to train and instruct programs and courses to promote sustainable employment opportunities and sustainable jobs.

Her mission, about 6 months after the earthquake, showed that much vital work remains to be done, especially in terms of reducing unemployment and under-employment.

Due to time and cash constraints it was not possible for her to visit regional schools outside of Port au Prince, therefore the map for these areas needs to be completed by future GMA volunteers, that Alex has most helpfully agreed to help lead and coordinate.

Download Report:

Global MapAid HAITI Mission June 2010 (PDF, 1.88 MB)

Global MapAid HAITI Mission

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